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Artificial Intelligence Guideline

We would like to express my appreciation to all researchers who contribute to the advancement of academic knowledge through Neurospine. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), exemplified by Chat GPT's announcement in 2022, has brought about significant transformations in the academic landscape. AI has proven its capacity to perform tasks at an exceptionally high level in scholarly paper writing, challenging the traditional belief that academic writing is solely within the realm of human intellectual abilities. This shift is positive as it brings us closer to uncovering truths that may have been overlooked. It is also helpful to enhance the overall readability of academic papers and overcome the language barrier.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that AI still grapples with unresolved issues, with hallucination being a prominent concern. The reliability of AI is not yet definitive. Copyright-related concerns arising from creative processes facilitated by AI necessitate societal consensus. It is imperative to evaluate this technology not solely for its convenience but also considering its broader implications. We highly respect the creative process of researchers and acknowledge its intrinsic value. Therefore, the editorial board of Neurospine earnestly requests authors to adhere to the following guidelines when submitting papers to the journal:

1. Artificial intelligence tools cannot be listed or cited as one of the authors due to its inability to take responsibility for errors.
2. Authors should exert every effort to ensure the reliability of their papers when utilizing artificial intelligence, holding responsibility for any plagiarism or false information generated using AI.
3. Authors must provide detailed information, including prompts, AI tools used, and their versions, in the Materials and Methods or Acknowledgment section when employing AI tools.
4. Images or videos created using AI, without societal consensus on copyright, cannot be included in papers at the moment.
5. Reviewers are cautioned against sharing the manuscript outside during the peer-review process.  Even simple uploading papers to external AI tools can break confidentiality.
6. The editor may refuse to proceed with review of the paper if inappropriate use of AI is detected.

We recognize that technology's rapid evolution continually shapes the  academic writing process, and the points mentioned above may evolve based on future societal agreements. 

Warm regards,
Inbo Han

Editor-in-Chief, Neurospine 

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