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Neurospine Emergency Bulletin: COVID-19 Pandemic and Spine Surgery
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Emergency Bulletin
COVID-19 Pandemic and Spine Surgery

Dear Spine Surgeons and Researchers,

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on our everyday lives and our surgical practices. At present, roughly 4 million people have been infected and 300,000 people have died. This will be the most serious global health crisis in our generation. Many countries have enacted strictly enforced lockdown measures to prevent the spread of disease, a strategy with tremendous impacts on the modern economy and social stability.

Not only do the infectiousness of COVID-19 and its patterns of transmission threaten our sense of safety, but the safety measures put in place for health care providers have limited the scope of daily practice in spine care. In some countries, spine surgeons have stopped performing routine spine surgery and have rushed into the battlefield against coronavirus to rescue people endangered by this life-and-death situation. It is certain that the pandemic will lead to permanent shifts in our daily pattern of surgical practices and academic life in ways that will become apparent very soon.

Therefore, we need answers to several questions.

Will hospitals reopen and jobs come back? Will we travel for conferences again? How do we restart our everyday surgical life in the midst of the coronavirus crisis?

To help us make sense of the shifting ground beneath our feet, Neurospine asked nine leading spine surgeons from the US, Europe, China, and Korea to share their experiences and predictions about spine surgery and research during and after the pandemic.

Yoon Ha, MD, PhD
Editor in Chief, Neurospine

Wen-Cheng Huang MD, PhD
Deputy Editor

Makoto Taniguchi MD, PhD
Deputy Editor

Mehmet Zileli MD, PhD
Deputy Editor

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Table of Contents

Jeffrey C. Wang (USA)
COVID-19 and the Role of Spine Surgeons
Jeffrey C. Wang

J.C. Le Huec (France)
Epidemics over the centuries
J.C. Le Huec

Dae-Chul Cho (Korea)
In the Era of COVID-19: The Role of Spine Surgeons at the Epicenter of the Outbreak
Dae-Chul Cho

Kern Singh (USA)
Balancing Choices to Recover From the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kern Singh

Biao Wang (China)
The Role of Spine Surgeons in the Era of COVID-19 Outbreak
Biao Wang

Martin N. Stienen (Switzerland)
COVID-19 in Europe: Le roi est mort, vive le roi!
Martin N. Stienen

Kee B. Park (USA)
Global Neurosurgery in the Time of COVID-19
Kee B. Park

Xiang_Zeng (China)
Conducting Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Scientific Community Should be Prepared?
Xiang Zeng

Carlo Brembilla (Italia)
The Eclipse of Degenerative Spine Pathology During COVID-19 Pandemic
Carlo Brembilla

Neurospine Editors Prof. Jeffrey Wang (USA), Prof. Jau-Ching Wu (Taiwan) and Prof. Yoon Ha (Korea) organized and participated in two NASS webinars for overcoming COVID 19 Pandemic in spine surgery

COVID-19: Crisis and Recovery

Jeffrey C. Wang

Yoon Ha
COVID-19: Crisis and Recovery Updates from the International Community

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